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Adpacker Advertising

Adpacker that is provided by Nasmedia is an advertisement platform designed to provide advertisers and users with optimized advertisement services by exposing advertisements to users classified into according to their interests on the basis of their mobile use behaviors. Adpacker’s targeting advertisement provides users with customized advertisements of high relevance and enables advertisers to conduct marketing activities compatible with their core targets.

Advertisement Placement Principle

Adpacker collects personally unidentifiable information on an anonymous basis by using cookies. It uses collected information to develop new services, including the provision of customized advertisements and contents for users that are relevant to their interests and needs and to protect its users.


If you have any question about Adpacker’s user-based targeting advertisement, you post your questions via the homepage. In addition to customized advertisements for users, we can propose optimized targeting products to advertisers and execute campaigns for their advertising purposes.

Adpacker Homepage :

Personal Data Management

As one of the largest local digital media planning companies, Nasmedia does not collect or store any personally identifiable data. We use personally unidentifiable data only for the purpose of enhancing the efficiency of advertisers’ campaigns.

Nasmedia values users’ personal data, and does not collect or store any personally identifiable data, including without limitation, names, ID numbers, and email addresses of users. For more information, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Users’ Advertisement Settings

A user can disable personal customized advertisement services provided by Adpacker at any time. You can activate or deactivate advertising by disabling the advertisement settings below.

  • When you check to deactivate, you will block personal customized advertisements only (which means that advertisements placed by advertising companies of other platforms and Adpacker’s general advertisements without targeting can be displayed).
  • If you delete cookies on your browser or use other Internet browsers, you may receive advertisements as the settings are changed to “ad activation.”
  • If there is difference in cookie data between the mobile web browser and the mobile app, you are not recognized as an identical user, so that advertisements could be exposed. If you do not want to receive advertisements, you need to opt out both on the mobile app and the web browser.
  • In order to deactivate advertising in the mobile application, you deactivate the function by following the guidelines provided by Android/iOS
  • When setting-up is made by device installation, interest-based advertisements of all suppliers are deactivated.
  • Android (version 2.3 over) : Google Play Helpclick
  • IOS(version 6 over) : Apple Support Centerclick